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    If it were real . . .

    Shiny Shinigami

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    If it were real . . .

    Post  Shiny Shinigami on Thu Sep 18, 2014 9:41 pm

    Imagine a different world, a world that isn't a parallel dimension but seems like it. This world has many different landscapes and few of them are populated by humans. The rest is uninhabited nature . . . Uninhabited, by humans that is. Every duel monster has a capsule monster counterpart.

    If I had my own legion I would have:

    Steel Scorpion
    Battle Ox (fuses into Rabid Horseman)
    Feral Imp (evolves into Des Feral Imp)
    Shadow Ghoul
    Fiend Kraken (fuses with Fireyarou to make Fire Kraken)
    Flame Cerebrus
    Firewing Pegasus
    Fireyarou (fuses with Fiend Kraken to make Fire Kraken)
    Crab Turtle
    Spike Seadra
    Celtic Guardian
    Man-Eater Bug
    Hunter Spider
    Mystic Horseman (fuses with Battle Ox into Rabid Horseman)
    Baby Dragon (evolves with the power of Time Wizard)
    Happy Lover
    Time Wizard (sacrifices itself to evolve Baby Dragon)
    Shovel Crusher
    Dark Witch
    Thousand Dragon (The evolved form of Baby Dragon)
    Des Feral Imp (The evolved Feral Imp, evolves into King of the Feral Imps)
    King of the Feral Imps (Feral Imp's final form)


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