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    Otherworld Academy Character Forms

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    Otherworld Academy Character Forms

    Post  Shiny Shinigami on Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:01 pm

    Create characters here.

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    Now, here's the major information for Staff and Students:


    • Are a member of a team. The twelve teams must have at least seven students, and all must qualify under its requirements. Each team is named after a Zodiac sign, and each one has an abbreviation. Team information will be included in the main story thread I create.
    • CANNOT be human, as that would destroy the whole purpose of the story I'm creating.
    • Require more information than staff members, as they play a much more important role in the story.
    • Can go under either Minor, Supporting, or Major. Minor characters rarely appear, or do appear with no importance. Supporting characters are ONLY on teams in which major characters appear. They have back-stories and personality details, as they are at least acquaintances with one or more of the Majors. Major characters are written in first person and are the subject of the "____'s PoV" titles for each Chapter __.__ section. The decimal area determines which character it is. (1.0 is the first major character in a chapter, 1.1 is the second, etc.)
    • Minor, Supporting, and Major characters all have different requirements on their forms (although similar)


    • Staff members are either Hunter, Historian, Counselor, or Teacher. Information for each group will be in the character list.
    • Just like students, they CANNOT be human.
    • Can go under Minor and Supporting.

    Form for Students:

    • Name:
    • Age (ages seven to seventeen):
    • Species (mythical, fictional, unproven, religious, or folkloric; if fictional, state the franchise):
    • Title (How you're referred to by staff members; must describe your character):
    • Magic, Weapon/Hand-to-Hand, or both (both is only used for Major characters): 
    • If Magic; kind of magic:
    • If Weapon; weapon(s) used (max. two):
    • Team:
    • Role in Team (Leader, second in-command, or NM [Normal Member]):
    • Year at Academy (Seven-years old is first, eight-years old is second . . .):
    • Appearance (Minor; min. of six, six-word sentences. Supporting; min. of eight, six-word sentences. Major; min. of ten, six-word sentences):
    • Back-story (Requirement of three, five-word sentence min. for Minor [about half of a paragraph]; eight, five-word sentence min. for Supporting [one paragraph]; twelve, five-word sentence min. for Major [two paragraphs]):
    • Family/Relation to (Not any needed for minor and supporting characters. If you choose to put none, put "N/A"):
    • Personality (three, five-word sentence min. for Minor; six, five-word sentence min. Supporting and Major):
    • Likes:
    • Dislikes:
    • Strengths (max. four):
    • Weaknesses (min. two):
    • Fatal Flaw (unavoidable, min. one):
    • Favorite food (max. ten) and drinks (max. 6):
    • Character Theme Music (Can be of any origin. Optional):

    Teacher form:

    • Name:
    • Age (eighteen+):
    • Back-Story (Two, five-word sentence min. for Minor; five, five-word sentence min. for Supporting):
    • Personality (Read back-story):
    • Appearance (Four, six-word sentence min.):
    • Staff Position (Hunter, Historian, Counselor, or Teacher): 
    • If Hunter; weapon(s) (max. one for Minor; max. two for Supporting):
    • If teacher; subject taught:
    • If teacher; students in class (cannot be filled out unless all student spaces are filled in.)
    • If counselor; team (cannot be filled out until character thread is created):

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