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    Otherworld Academy Forms for Myself

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    Otherworld Academy Forms for Myself

    Post  Shiny Shinigami on Sat Oct 04, 2014 6:14 am

    • Jersey Devon Monté
    • Fourteen/14
    • Demon Prince
    • Fire Demon
    • Mix
    • A pure black sword, the "Devil's Blade"
    • Demon Slayer, specifically water.
    • Scorpio's Soldiers
    • Leader
    • First-Year (A rare exception to the age rule)
    • Jersey's human form is six feet tall, weighs 140 pounds, and is a little on the skinny side. He has mid-length, black hair in the style of an Animal Crossing Villager's "bedhead". Jersey's eyes are the color of amber, and his eyebrows are average-sized. His skin is somewhat on the tan side. He wears a leaf-green t-shirt, over which he wears an unzipped hoodie sweatshirt. He also dons faded bluejeans with his chocolate-brown scabbard at the left hip, as well as plain-white socks and green gym shoes with black trim. In his demon form, his canine teeth are longer and sharper. He sports a tail with a point at the end. His skull now has horns that curve up and point forward. He can even fly using a pair of proportionately-sized, bat-like wings.The horns and wings are silver and dark red, respectively.
    • Jersey was always an Otherworlder, as his father and mother were both demons. He did not like his parents, and kept to himself for the majority of his life up to his initiation. He didn't join the academy at the appropriate age, as he thought it was just a trap to lure him out of hiding. His cousin and angel-for-a-friend were both helpful to him in escaping his parents' constant attempts at making him a "complete demon". However, one evening he discovered a note from both telling him he must fend for himself, as they have other business. He became massively depressed, much so that he would barely eat. He ended up even developing insomnia. He then went up to the world of the living from the Underworld. He was surprised by the fact that the humans couldn't notice him. He was even more surprised by the fact that they couldn't see any of the Otherworlders. He obtained some information that his friends were at the academy. He finally decided to enroll at a late age. He was made fun of for being a thirteen-year-old first year. He became the team leader of Scorpio's Soldiers after the preceding one turned eighteen. He turned fourteen prior to the events of the book.
    • Belphemon/Father, Unknown demon/Mother, Mihsok Follindra/cousin, Leviathan/Mihsok's father, and therefore Jersey's uncle, Five other sin demons/Uncles 
    • He is suspicious of anyone he doesn't know unless he gets to learn more about them. He is normally affected by traits he picked up from other students, although he takes organization too far. He has started to learn to talk to others, and even defends his teammates if another team ambushes them. He hates villainy, and will do nearly anything to stop it. He doesn't understand why some people go to huge lengths, but he does have a secret crush on Arielle.
    • Organizing, Video Games, Books, Teammates, Studying
    • New things, Felines, Whoever hits on Arielle
    • He is the 2nd place student for grades, He has good sword-fighting skills, He has a great memory.
    • He is dreadfully allergic to anything to do with felines, including hybrids. He can't lift heavy objects very well, even though he can use his sword.
    • He is a perfectionist, and needs things to be just so.
    • Cookies 'n' Cream ice cream, BLTs, Whoppers with everything except mustard, Spaghetti, French Fries, Hot chocolate with whipped cream on top, Rootbeer, and Gatorade

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