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    Otherworld Academy Story

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    Otherworld Academy Story

    Post  Shiny Shinigami on Sat Oct 04, 2014 6:54 am

    Jack Lantern, a pumpkin-head, had decided to build a place for his kind to live. He developed the original seven teams and multiple staff members, and showed them how to survive in this new environment.

    Otherworlders are basically anything you can think of that ISN'T human. Mythical, Cryptozoological, Folkloric, Religious, and Fictional beings/creatures are all Otherworlders. Who knows, you could be holding a device with them as I speak. Otherworlders attend the academy to achieve their goals. While some are at the academy, others are true monsters and terrorize the Earth right under humans' noses. 

    Here is some basic information for each team:
    Aquarius' Arsenal (Aq.A.): Beings and creatures of the water are the only members allowed. A shame yes, but they are truly good water elemental users.
    Pisces' Persevering People (P.P.P.): You have to have REALLY low grades at initiation to get dumped here.
    Aries' Army (Ar.A.): Only females are permitted here.
    Taurus' Troopers (T.T.): The most brutal of the bunch go here.
    Gemini's Generation (G.G.): The member MUST have a twin or complete opposite. 
    Cancer's Cavalry (Ca.Ca.): Powerful beings are on this team.
    Leo's Launchers (Le.L.): Members either have to have built robots, or be robots themselves.
    Virgo's 'Venturers (V.V.): For those Otherworlders who like (ad)venturing. 
    Libra's Legionnaires (Li.L.): A team that is quite mysterious.
    Scorpio's Soldiers (Sc.S.): Required to be created by yours truly.
    Sagittarius' Sharpshooters (Sa.S.): If you couldn't tell from the name, you need to be good with RANGED weapons. Mainly guns, bows, and/or crossbows.
    Capricorn's Conqueror's (Ca.Co.): This team is known because of the original team Ca.Co., which conquered the land needed to build the academy.

    Here is some basic information of each type of staff member:
    Teachers: They have to be BOTH knowledgeable and compassionate. Talk about hard-to-get. Although, they DO get complete safety from evil Otherworlders and their own subject to teach.
    Counselors: Each counselor works for a specific team. They must be compassionate. How else can they guide you in life?
    Historians: This requires LOTS of knowledge and memory capabilities. They keep track of what happens when and where, with all of the little details in between.
    Hunters: If the character doesn't pick any of the above, they're stuck with being a hunter. They work underneath the Headmaster (all staff members do), but this is the only one that gives them the risk of DEATH. However, if the person is the sneaky or strong type, this could work pretty well.

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